Decision 2014: Lightning Round

What are the top high-level issues facing digital journalists? We’ll crowdsource your thoughts and challenge leaders in our industry — and candidates for the 2014 Online News Association Board of Directors — to share their reactions in three minutes or less, followed by your Q&A. Moderated by Teresa Hanafin; tweets curated by Steve Buttry.

— This session will have recorded audio


Meredith Artley - Managing Editor and Vice President, CNN Digital
@MeredithA |

Evonne Benedict - Social Media Manager, KING 5/
@evonnebenedict |

Michael Bolden - Editorial Director, The Knight Foundation
@michaelbolden |

Jim Brady - Editor-in-Chief, Digital First Media
@jimbradysp |

Kim Bui - Interim Mobile Product Manager, Southern California Public Radio
@kimbui |

Eric Carvin - Social Media Editor, The Associated Press
@EricCarvin |

David Cohn - Director of News, Circa
@Digidave |

Burt Herman - Vice President of Editorial, Livefyre (Storify)
@burtherman |

Victor Hernandez - Program manager, Editorial Systems, CNN
@ToTheVictor |

Jennifer Preston - Staff Writer, The Lede blog, The New York Times
@JenniferPreston |

Jan Schaffer - Executive Director, J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism
@janjlab |

Dave Stanton - Ring Leader, For Journalism
@gotoplanb |

Teresa Hanafin - Director of Engagement and Social Media,
@BostonTeresa |

Steve Buttry - Digital Transformation Editor, Digital First Media
@stevebuttry |