Steve Herrmann

Steve Herrmann is the Editor of BBC News Online (, a role he has held since January 2006. He has overall responsibility for the digital output of BBC News on desktop website, tablet and mobile, in the UK and internationally. He leads a team of online journalists and also oversees content from a wide range of others across BBC News who contribute to the BBC’s online, on demand and multimedia output.

He has led the BBC’s online coverage of major stories such as the UK general election, the Arab Spring and the Japanese tsunami, bringing live and social newsgathering and reporting to the forefront of the BBC’s digital output.

During Steve’s time as Editor, BBC News Online has won a succession of awards, including a Peabody award and the ONA’s Online Journalism Award for general excellence.

In 2011, he took on an additional role as editorial lead for BBC News digital product development, working in partnership with the BBC’s Future Media division to launch the first BBC News connected TV service, a new responsive mobile site and upgraded mobile apps.

Steve joined BBC News Online shortly after it launched in 1997, and pioneered the site’s early use of graphics and multimedia to create in-depth special reports on major global stories. Steve has worked in a variety of journalistic roles, including periods in the Balkans and East Africa, since beginning his BBC career in 1985.

He is a board member of the Global Editors Network and serves on the media advisory panel of the International Broadcasting Trust.