[NewU Startup Loft] Speed Entrepreneurship

ONA13 is sponsored by [NewU Startup Loft] Speed Entrepreneurship

Like speed dating, except this is an exercise in describing you and your company and why you believe you are a winner in the areas of Passion, Money, Brains and People.


Alli Joseph - Co-director, UNITY NewU Startup Program
@allijoseph | http://www.7genstories.com

Harry Lin - Head of Business Development, IMDb/Amazon
@SuluPrime | http://www.harrylin.com

Doug Jackson - President, Shared Vision Marketing
@freshthinking1 | http://www.shared-vision.net

Natalia Oberti Noguera - Founder & CEO, Pipeline Fellowship
@nakisnakis | http://pipelinefellowship.com