A FRAGILE TRUST: Public Faith in the Media -- Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?

Watch a sneak-preview screening of selected clips from the upcoming feature documentary “A FRAGILE TRUST: Plagiarism, Power and Jayson Blair at The New York Times,” which will air nationally on PBS in May, 2014, as part of the award-winning series “Independent Lens.” A FRAGILE TRUST explores the nuances of this complex story about power, ethics, representation and accountability in the mainstream media. Discussions led by industry experts on ethics in the digital age and plagiarism prevention will follow.

Movie Trailer


— This session will have recorded audio


Samantha Grant - Director/Owner, GUSHproductions
@samanthagrant | http://www.afragiletrust.com

Kelly McBride - Senior Faculty, Ethics Reporting & Writing, The Poynter Institute
@KellyMcB | http://www.Poynter.org