OK Glass, What's News?

Glass is here. Now what? How can you design a compelling news experience for Google's first wearable device? What does it take to develop an app, or "glassware" for Glass? How can we use Glass to create original reporting? Join three Explorers — an entrepreneur/developer, a producer and a journalism educator — for a discussion about the future of journalism on wearable devices. And take your chance to try the new Watchup glassware. Right on your eyes.

The Birth of Human Media

E-Commerce vs See-Commerce

How Glass could Evolve as a Tool for Journalists

Live from My Face: Glass as a Broadcast Tool

Glass for Journalism

Watchup for Glass

— This session will have live video

— This session will have recorded audio


Robert Hernandez - Web Journalist / Professor, USC Annenberg, #wjchat
@webjournalist | http://webjournalist.org

Sarah Hill - Reporter, Veterans United Network
@sarahmidmo | http://about.me/sarahhill1