Angélica Peralta Ramos

Multimedia Development Manager and LA NACION DATA project leader at LA NACION. She co-founded in 1995 and was Digital Media General Manager of LA NACION until 2004. Since 2006 she is in charge of LA NACION Multimedia, Development and Training area that helps LA NACION transform it´s newsroom into multiplatform. Since 2011 she also leads LA NACION DATA, project in which, together with a specializad team is developing Data Journalism and opening data while reporting in Since 2012 launched a Data Blog, a Data Catalog, a Data Section integrated in it´s home page and news applications Besides she is part of the team of the first DATAFEST in Latin America ( and this year the second) and designed with her team different full time training programs for journalists. Angélica is Computer Scientist, MBA and Project Manager. She loves to learn and innovate, family, nature and music.