[Unconference Session] Our Journalism Class #throughglass

Ten students at Lehigh University are incorporating Google's new Glass device into their production as part of this semester's Multimedia Storytelling class. We've been working to answer the following question: what role can Glass play in helping us do daily journalism?

Session topics would include:
1. What is Glass and what it can do for journalists?
2. Specific assignments that students have worked on and showing examples of our work.
3. Discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of Glass
4. Discussion of how using Glass to gather information differs from using a mobile device such as a phone, again both in terms of strengths and weaknesses.
5. With any time remaining, we would give participants a chance for a limited hands-on experience.

This session would feature the professor leading the class (Jeremy Littau) as well as two students who will talk about the experience. By the time ONA starts, we'll have had about two months using the device.