[Unconference Session] Tales from the ‘dark side’: Product management roundtable

Pitch by Eric Ulken of the Seattle Times.

This unconference centers around a one-hour roundtable for product managers in news organizations and those interested in the discipline. In this roundtable we will:

— Discuss the evolving role of product management in the newsroom.
— Trade insights on business trends.
— Commiserate about having to work with journalists who can’t do math. (Kidding!)
— Share advice for any numerate news nerds considering a move to the product world.
— Recount war stories and product #fails.

Hi. My name is Eric, and I’m a product manager. This year, after 15+ years in digital journalism, I went over to the ‘dark side’. I left news to join the business side of my organization with the belief that I could do more good for the institution as a product manager than as a journalist. I’ve learned a lot from colleagues in other organizations who’ve left newsrooms for business roles. I still feel like a fish out of water, but at least now I know I’m in good company.