[Unconference Session] Save People, Not Journalism

Pitch by Larry Dailey

Many organizations are focused on saving journalistic institutions.

In the process, people are getting lost. If we want to make engaging experiences for people, then we have to “get to know” those people.

Journalist traditionally, well, suck at this.

But game designers and Silicon Valley organizations are really good at knowing their audiences and building stuff that engages those audiences.

This session will discuss how game and Silicon Valley methods might help tomorrow’s journalists better understand their bosses — the people.

If we do it right, it will be fun!

Larry Dailey is the Donald W. Reynolds chair of media technologies at the University of Nevada, Reno. There he teaches courses in human centered media and game design for journalists.

He was a member of MSNBC.com’s founding multimedia team. Prior to that, he was a picture editor for the AP and for UPI in Washington.