[Unconference Session] Election Results and Polling for the Modern Age

Pitch by Mo Tamman

We’re living in an era of digital data, and election results and polling should be no exception. By 2014, mobile apps and web applications will for the first time replace the “pencil-to-paper” data collection methods on Election Day… but how? By coupling historical results and exit polls from 45,000 respondents, Reuters will be predicting the winners for the first time in 2014.

Mo Tamman, editor-in-charge for computational journalism at Reuters, discusses election coverage for the modern age. Mo will join Cliff Young from IPSOS, global leader in data capture and delivery, to discuss how Reuters is leveraging election results and opinion poll data in innovative ways.

Join Mo and Cliff for a 30-minute conversation exploring options to modernize the legacy processes that have long defined vote count in America.

Maurice Tamman is the editor-in-charge for database and computational journalism at Reuters. He spearheaded the company’s unprecedented polling effort for the 2012 general election and runs a team of award-winning journalists in New York and London. Before that he was a Pulitzer finalist at The Wall Street Journal for his part in newspaper’s extensive coverage of Medicare fraud.

Cliff Young is the Managing Director of Ipsos Public Affairs’ Polling and Public Sector practice in the US. His research specialties include social and public opinion trends and political polling. Cliff has worked with a wide-variety of corporate, government and media clients. Cliff currently oversees Ipsos’ US election polling for Reuters, and is the spokesperson for Ipsos Public Affairs in the US. Cliff has been central to the Reuters-Ipsos industry-leading polling in the 2010 midterm and 2012 general elections.