Protecting All Acts of Journalism: Press Freedom and the Fifth Estate

A free press is enabled through both policy protections and concrete tools, practices and actions by journalists and newsrooms. This session will look at where policy and practice intersect. How can journalists protect their sources and their reporting? What are the laws and the technologies that support or threaten digital journalism today? In post-industrial journalism, while society is given more freedom to communicate outside of old broadcast and publishing models, advances in technology and data collection pose new challenges for a networked fourth estate. From the federal shield law debate to outdated credentialing guidelines that block new online publishers, this session will explore the pressure points for press freedom today and debate what we can do about it. How have law and policy responded to changes in the media landscape and who is at risk of falling through the cracks? If more and more people are committing acts of journalism who is defending them and what rights do they have? Join this dynamic panel to discuss the evolution of challenges faced in protecting press freedom.

— This session will have recorded audio


Josh Singer - Screenwriter, The Fifth Estate
@jsinger10 |

Emily Bell - Director, Tow Center, Columbia University
@emilybell |

Josh Stearns - Journalism and Public Media Campaign Director, Free Press
@jcstearns |