Midway Participant Pitches: Saturday

ONA13 is sponsored by Midway Participant Pitches: Saturday

Hear the illustrious group of Midway participants pitch their projects and products in the Bullring during high-speed, three-minute bursts. There's one starting every five minutes, beginning at 1pm: bring your lunch!

Matt Waite, Drone Journalism Lab
Ian Dees, Census Reporter
Susan McGregor, DataDocs
Madeleine Bair, WITNESS
Knight-Mozilla OpenNews
Porter Bayne, ReadrBoard
Tim Leung, Bing
Gregory Galant, Muck Rack
Cory Haik, Washington Post Innovations
Hong Qu, Keepr
Misha Leybovich, Meograph
Mike Downey, Whisper
Miranda Mulligan, Northwestern University Knight Lab
Dan Carino, Co-jo.us
Andrew Quarrie, Jurnid
Nick Hasty, Giphy
Paul Quigley, Spike by NewsWhip
Maya Baratz, Social Soundtracker, ABC News