If I.F. Stone Had a Computer: Document Mining in the Digital Age

Celebrated investigative journalist I.F. Stone got many of his best scoops by poring over public, but obscure, government records. Today, more government documents than ever are available online, FOIA requests routinely result in thousands of emails and massive leaks have become routine. In this hands-on workshop, expert instructors will show you how to use three front-line document mining tools: DocumentCloud (upload, storage, search and publishing), Overview (automatically sort documents into topics) and Tabula (extract tables from PDFs). Come dive into our example document sets, or bring your own document overload problems.

— This session will have recorded audio


Jonathan Stray - Fellow, Tow Center For Digital Journalism, Columbia University
@jonathanstray | http://jonathanstray.com

Mike Tigas - Fellow, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, ProPublica
@mtigas | https://mike.tig.as/

Manuel Aristarán - OpenNews Fellow, Knight-Mozilla
@manuelaristaran | http://jazzido.com