Fast Track Video Workshop 2: Video Editing — A Skill Worth Fine-Tuning

A lot of people concentrate on shooting when they take their first steps as video reporters. But fewer people put the same amount of effort into improving their editing skills. That can be to the detriment of a story: editing is where storytelling happens. This hour-long workshop focuses on video story structure and fine editing. Learn how to organize your edits; structure your video pieces into scenes, action shots, narration and voice-over and moments of reflection to tell a linear, visual story; and understand the role of rhythm and style in video editing. We will also discuss the many options for editing, from Adobe Premiere to Final Cut to iMovie. No prerequisites required-

— This session will have recorded audio


Andrew Lih - Associate Professor, American University
@fuzheado |

Lam Thuy Vo - Interactive Editor, Al Jazeera America
@lamthuyvo |