Oops, We Broke the Article Machine: Imagining What Comes Next

The news article format isn’t dead, but it is for this session. How could you best convey news to your audience if you couldn’t write a traditional news article, that vestige of the 19th century print-only world? Join the staff from the new American Press Institute for an exercise in imagining story forms designed for the new landscape of devices and audience behaviors. We’ll brainstorm ideas not just for breaking news, but also trend stories and complex issues.

— This session will have recorded audio


Kennedy Elliott - Visual Journalist, The Washington Post
@kennelliott | http://oblio.co

Melody Joy Kramer - Digital Strategist/Associate Editor, NPR
@mkramer | http://www.npr.org

Tom Rosenstiel - Executive Director, American Press Institute
@tbr1 | http://pressinstitute.org

Jeff Sonderman - Deputy Director, American Press Institute
@jeffsonderman | http://americanpressinstitute.org