ONA13 Keynote: Experts Explore Journalism in the Age of Surveillance

By / Oct 8, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC —Janine Gibson, Editor-in-Chief of the moncler soldes Guardian US, Micah Lee, a technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and Nabiha Syed, a media lawyer and founder of Drone U and the Drone-List, will discuss practicing journalism in the age of surveillance in a keynote conversation at the 2013 Online News Association Conference & Awards Banquet in Atlanta.

Since June, The Guardian louis vuitton sofia coppola has been publishing top-secret digital files provided by Edward Snowden, a former contract employee of the National Security Agency (NSA), focusing on NSA’s monitoring of doudoune moncler homme millions of phone calls and e-mails as well as the private deliberations of allied governments. In the past, The Guardian also broke the phone-hacking scandal in Britain and worked in partnership with The New York Times to release documents from WikiLeaks.

The panel discussion, at 9 am E.T., Saturday, Oct. 19, will focus on how to accurately hold government accountable louis vuitton toile damier geant and what journalists — and the public — should know about emerging technology during a time of unprecedented surveillance and data collection.

Gibson directs the Guardian’s US-based digital-only newsroom, where she leads a staff of reporters and editors who cover American news for an online global louis vuitton toile monogram audience. Previously, she was Executive Editor of guardian.co.uk.

Lee is a Staff Technologist for EFF and the Project Maintainer of HTTPS Every where. He is also the Chief Technology Officer of Freedom of the Press Foundation and author of “Encrypti on Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance.”

Syed is a media lawyer with interests in transparency, surveillance and emerging media technologies. A former First Amendment Fellow for The New York Times, she currently works at Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz and is a Yale Information Society Project Fellow. She is a co-founder of the Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic at Yale, and current projects include Drone U, an online education platform for drone policy issues, and the Drone-List, a list-serv for drone news.

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